Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My 15 Minutes of Fame...

are finally here!  I'm being interviewed by the Boston Herald for an article they are running about Moms who save money!  They want ME and I can't believe it! 

And guess what?  They want YOU, too! 

Any MA moms out there who work hard every month to save money on groceries, online shopping, utility bills, etc?  You must be willing to be interviewed and do a photoshoot in the new few days. 

Comment here with your email address and I'll be sure to get you in touch with the reporter. 

WAHOOO!! ...Now, where can I get my hair blown out in time for the shoot tomorrow? 


Amy said...

That's awesome!

Stopping in from #CommentHour

kris10na ☮♥☺ said...

Cool. Good luck to all of you mummies and enjoy your day of fame.

dropping late for #commenthour... ☺